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TUINA Chinese Massage

What is Tuina?

“Tui” means – pushing “Na” means – grasping “Tuina” means – massage

Chinese medicine incorporates not only acupuncture and Chinese herbs but also a massage technique called Tuina to influence the flow of Qi and Blood and move stasis and obstructions to the free flow in the body which causes pain. Various manipulations can influence and regulate body functions as well as dispel pathogenic elements so treating the disease. A healthy body means that the balance of Yin and Yang is restored.

How is Tuina carried out?

Tuina uses various different hand movements from pressing, to rubbing, to rolling, shaking, and so on. Usually you will be fully clothed but sometimes the massage needs to be carried out on the skin using some light massage oil. You may be seated in a chair or lying on a massage table and the position really depends on the ease of which to get to the area where the therapy needs to be carried out.

What can Tuina treat?

Tuina is remarkable in that it can not just treat disease and pain, but also keep you fit and healthy and also maintain beauty if applied regularly.

How does Tuina work?

Using the theory of Chinese Medicine and the meridians and acupuncture points we can influence the body’s self healing mechanism to restore harmony. It is very important to understand the difference in this type of massage from any other style. Tuina Chinese Massage depends on an unequivocal determination of syndrome differentiation determined during the consultation. We do not just go to the head for a headache or the foot when the foot hurts. Pain is as a result of disharmony in the body and Chinese diagnostic methods will reveal where we need to apply the therapy in order to get you well.

Is Tuina suitable for anyone?

People of all ages can experience Tuina massage including babies and pregnant women. It can be a very relaxing experience and anyone who is in pain and has not been able to get any relief from other methods such as physiotherapy or chiropractic for example may find that Tuina releases the pain in a quick and effective way.

How is a diagnosis made?

In every initial consultation a full medical history is taken and you will be questioned about your problem, lifestyle and habits as well as what medication you are currently taking in order to finalise diagnosis of the syndromes and direct the ultimate prescription for treatment.

Is acupuncture also used?

I do prefer in my practice to use a combination of Tuina and acupuncture for certain problems for example a frozen shoulder will respond much more quickly if Tuina massage is given first and then followed by acupuncture.

Sometimes Chinese herbs are also recommended.

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