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Work related stress

In my practice over the years I have come across many people who have a real physical illness which stems from being under pressure at work. This may have been caused by long term stress or even a short term situation which seemed too difficult to manage. It is an unconscious form of stress on the body which we don’t recognise. We are all different and all have different levels of tolerance.

How do I know if it is stress which is causing my illness?

Have you ever wondered why you wake up in the morning feeling as if you have been awake all night? You feel sluggish, have a headache, your neck aches, or you suddenly develop back pain. Later in the day you feel tired or irritable, your abdomen may be swollen, or your legs ache for no reason. You might even have slight sweats or hot palms and don’t understand where this is coming from.

Work related stress can be relieved acupressure massageHow many of the people you work with complain of back pain, headaches, migraine or seem to be off work constantly with colds and other minor illnesses?

Physical illness arises when Qi is prevented from flowing freely in the meridians. In Traditional Chinese Medicine we look at all aspects of the person including emotions. Stress is a big factor in the manifestation of physical pain.
When the mind is active we need a lot of energy to think clearly and to nourish the brain. Stress and emotional problems arising from our work, from colleagues, from superiors, from inability to cope with the work load, or just not knowing how to deal with the problems associated with our work, put an enormous amount of pressure on the way our body works. Blockages can occur in the meridians arising from these stresses. Qi cannot flow and the smooth working of the organs to nourish the body is interrupted. Then illness and pain arises.

How can Traditional Chinese Medicine help me?

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a holistic medicine which treats you as a complete person and not just the parts of you that require treatment. An initial consultation will take up to two hours so that all your medical history can be taken into account when treating you.
We will also talk about your work place and the people you work with as well as the type of work that you do and the environment you work in to identify and help you acknowledge any problems that may be arising.
When you are treated for work related stress your physical problems and pain will be treated at the same time.

What are the benefits?

You will find that any health problems you had will start clearing up. If you had any sleep problems you will start to sleep longer and deeper and awake feeling refreshed in the morning ready for work. Your headaches and migraines will disappear and any other related muscular-skeletal problems will begin to diminish.
The problems that you felt were insurmountable at work will no longer be so difficult for you to deal with.
You will feel happier and more confident to deal with the aspects of your job that you were unconsciously suppressing as causing you stress.

What does the treatment involve?

There are various ways in which you will be treated depending on the problems you have developed.

  • Acupuncture will enable the body to eliminate pathogens and to re-establish the smooth flow of Qi through the meridians. There are also acupuncture points which relate to emotions and these work at a deeper level of your subconscious mind.
  • NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques) will identify any aspects that are causing a problem. NAET can very accurately and quickly diagnose emotional problems and you can be treated successfully to eliminate the problems.
  • Acupressure Chair Massage will help to relax you and give immediate relief for any tense and aching muscles around the back, neck and shoulders, relieve headaches and migraines, and leave you feeling energised and ready for work.
  • Emotional stress release and counselling. This technique allows the mind to sort out the most difficult problems without you having to think about them. You may also find that a programme of yoga breathing exercises will also help you to relax, reduce anxiety and increase self-esteem.
  • Nutrition. A programme of healthy eating and advice on supplements which help to deal with stress which you may find helpful in getting back on track.

How many treatments will I need?

It is difficult to answer this question as we all have different problems and different abilities to heal ourselves. It is generally recommended to have the first three or four appointments quite close together and then subsequent appointments can be taken at longer intervals.
You may find that regular checks up are an important part of the healing process because of the nature of the environment that you work in. Traditional Chinese Medicine is very powerful and can nip any further problems in the bud quickly if they start arising again. What you will find is that you will become conscious of the signs of stress whereas before all the stress you were experiencing was unconscious and you were unable to deal with it, so that it eventually manifested itself as a physical problem, which was when you sought help.

A final comment

Work Related Stress treatments will teach you coping strategies to manage and deal with the stressful environment you find every day around you. You will start to feel better immediately once you start your treatments and in the future will be able to recognise when you are in a difficult situation so that you can deal with it.

An important message

Work Related Stress treatments are confidential and will never be related to your employers or anyone that you know or work with. However, if you do require help in communicating how you feel to people who are in your environment then I am happy to facilitate a meeting for you to confront these difficulties.

Please enquire about an initial free consultation.

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